Welcome Back Students and Parents

Click here to read an important letter from our Norwood principal, Mrs. Goldys. There is important information you will need to get off to a great start this school year!


Norwood Elementary is located in Dundalk, with an enrollment of over 500 students. We are a Title 1 STEM school with 40.0% mobility and 69.0% FARMS. Students receive special education services in a variety of settings in the school. We are a model co-teaching school. All teachers at Norwood are highly qualified.

 Norwood Elementary is a STEM school that provides relevant and challenging learning for all of our students.  We set suitable learning goals based on a child's individual needs.  We strive to overcome potential barriers to learning and assessment for all pupils with a diverse group of education and physical requirements.

Norwood offers a number of extracurricular programs: Music and Movement, Chorus, Art Club, Library and Computer helpers, and Cybersafety. Rapid Readers, Math Movers, First in Math, and afterschool reading/math programs are provided for students in need. The 24 Math Challenge, Challenge Scenarios (project based learning), and Green School environmental activities are also avenues to enrichment.

Norwood fosters parent involvement through Back to School Night, Family Fun Nights, Fall Fest, Spirit Days and Nights, Special Area Night, Fun with Dads, Parent Information Center, May Day/Sports Day, Concerts, Science Fair, and Read With Me. 

Read the new Norwood STEM Brochure for more information about our school.

*Pennies for Patients Program*

We hope Norwood Elementary is getting excited for our Pennies for Patients program! We wanted to share our Online Fundraising Page that has been set up. Here is our school's link: http://events.lls.org/pages/md/NorwoodElementarySchool

 Parents and students, please help us in our mission to end cancer!  

 Students can set up their own online page by going to the main page and clicking on "Join Your School Team" and earn these great prizes below: 

If you raise $50

Online incentive T Shirt FY16

An awesome piece of LLS merchandise that you can
proudly wear in recognition of your efforts.

Raise $100

Mobi Mate Bear jpg

Earn a warm and cuddly 
MOBIMATE Teddy Bear! 
*iPad not included

Thank you for helping us to save lives and end cancer!

*Yearbook Sale*

Lifetouch Yearbooks  

Our 2015-2016 Yearbook Sale has started. You can purchase your yearbook in school or online until April 29th. Yearbooks are starting at $12.00 with the option to purchase special add-ons such as personalized covers, extra signature pages, and more! 
SCHOOL CODE: 11726116.  
Yearbooks will be delivered towards the end of the year!

Norwood/Holabird STEM -

2nd Year Update


Norwood Holabird STEM Progam Annual Update from Eric Cromwell on Vimeo.

    Click here to access the Maryland State Department of Education test results for Norwood  last year. Report is available in multiple languages.

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